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Stafford Grammar


Foundation Year

10 Staff engaged in our Every Conversation Programme with the aim of improving professional dialogue. Staff were from across the school (all roles, levels and key stages)

"I hope, will now enable me to empower other people to take ownership of their feelings and take more of an active role in accomplishing their hopes for the future."

St Paul's Boys School

Independent school

Foundation Year

7 Heads of Department with a focus on upskilling to have developmental conversations with their teams

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St Gabriels

C of E primary

1:1 coaching sessions available for the whole staff team for a two year period. This included, TAs, ECTs, class teachers, phase leaders and senior leaders

"It has been great to work with yourselves and secure excellent coaching for our team over the past couple of years."



Prep school

1:1 coaching made available to any many of staff.

SLT 1:1 team day

Deira International School


Embedment Year

Working with the whole staff body over the course of 2 years +, Deira has work enthusiastically and relentlessly to embed a coaching culture

"Honestly, Life changing"


Abu Dhabi

Growth Year

In our second year of working with BSAK to establish a coaching culture. We have coached, trained and mentored 40 members of staff. The impact has been huge and we are working together to produce an impact report.

St Pirans

Prep school

1:1 coaching of SLT

Team coaching and SLT training



Foundation Year

A small cohort of 6 staff took part in the programme from across the school. 

The training this year was extremely useful

Universal American School


Growth Year

Working with teams across the school as well as introducing the concept of coaching to the parent body



Bespoke project focused on CPD

Followed with 1:1 coaching

We appreciate all the impressive work that has been completed so far.

My Online School (Interhigh)

Online School

Growth Year

Working with Middle and Senior Leaders on a year long training programme which included 1:1 coaching

"Having had the pleasure of working closely with (my coach) for several months, I can confidently attest to her exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and genuine passion for supporting educators in their professional growth and development."

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UCS Hampstead


Growth Year

Whole staff INSET 'Hook'

In our second year of working through the Every conversation programme



1:1 coaching made available to 12 members of staff

The Grange


Growth Year

In the second year of working with the RGS SLT team to develop high quality conversations

West Hill Park


Foundation Year

Working with 11 members of staff across the school to start the journey to embed a coaching culture

Westbrook Hay

Prep school

Foundation Year

Working with 6 members of committed staff to develop a coaching approach to conversations


Prep school

Foundation Year

After a 'Hook' Presentation, 10 members of staff elected to participate in the first cohort of this programme

Dulwich College


1:1 coaching for members of SLT


1:1 leadership coaching

1:1 coaching of a member of SLT

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