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What would happen if....

Every Conversation  in your school was a high-quality conversation?

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Every Conversation

Accredited and certified coaching programme with a difference.


What Would Happen if Every Conversation in School Was a High-Quality Conversation?

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We believe that every conversation matters - none more so than the conversations we have in our educational establishments. We want to ensure every educator is equipped with the necessary tools to have high-quality conversations with themselves, their colleagues and the children in their care.

Our Every Conversation programme enables just that.

The Every Conversation programme coincides with the three school terms, with cohorts starting at any point in the academic year. During the programme, participants will exclusively follow The Help Method, with the support of our knowledgeable team. You will experience, learn and practise the art and science of coaching, enabling you to not only reach your full potential, but HELP others do the same.

The programme

"It was really insightful, and we all gained a lot of valuable skills in such a short time. I am looking forward to applying these new theories and techniques in the next coming weeks and look forward to wrapping up our coaching sessions together."

Embed a coaching culture in your school with our three-term programme that allows you to experience coaching first-hand, learn the art and science and practise the skills. We are an accredited provider by the Association for Coaching and the programme has certified CPD hours

The Programme at a Glance


  • Transformative Communication: Enhance the quality of every conversation within your school community through a comprehensive coaching programme.

  • Gradual Integration: Over three years, a strategic approach gradually integrates coaching principles into the fabric of your school culture.



  • Long-term Impact: Establishes a sustainable framework for ongoing improvement in communication and leadership skills.

  • Expert Guidance: Participants receive personalised coaching from experienced professionals, ensuring effective skill acquisition and application.

  • Adaptability: Tailored training and support cater to the unique needs and challenges of each school, maximizing effectiveness.

  • Cultural Shift: Promotes a culture of collaboration, empathy, and continuous growth, benefiting both staff and students.

  • Proven Results: Employs a proven methodology backed by research, leading to tangible improvements in interpersonal relationships and school performance.

Head of Department

"Every Conversation" has opened my eyes to the importance of thoughtful questioning, active listening, patience, and above all, giving people the space to find their own solutions. 

Head of Secondary School

The Educational Coach has made me re-think the way I work with and support other peers and colleagues I lead.

Middle Leader

A great introduction to coaching. The practical aspects of the course were invaluable, particularly experiencing quality coaching for myself.
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