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Are you looking for a coach? Do you want to explore your untapped potential? Then experience coaching with The Educational Coach.


We offer coaching for all. From NQTs starting out in the profession through to leaders looking to excel at the top, coaching is the right fit for everyone, no matter your job title. For individuals seeking self-improvement or organisations pursuing better dynamics through carefully constructed conversations, The Educational Coach is here to HELP you. All of our coaching sessions are tailor-made to you, with the focus set with your goals in mind.

Our 1:1 Coaching sessions allow you to set the pace. Take control of your professional and personal development with strengths-based coaching techniques delivered by highly experienced, accredited coaches.

Group Coaching sessions provide the perfect opportunity to develop open conversations amongst staff within the school environment.

Our Leadership Coaching programme allows you to explore the challenges faced in management roles and ways to move forward with your goals.

Or take a look at our Just-In-Time model - a teacher-led programme  with a cap on spending that puts you firmly in control of cost.


But coaching is all about you. Have an idea in mind that differs from the norm? Perhaps you're still hesitant about whether or not coaching really is for you. Get in touch. We design all our bespoke coaching programmes around your needs, and we'd love to discuss your ideas.


We're here to HELP you and your school reach your full potential.


Pursuing personal excellence.

Perhaps you would like to take your professional and personal development into your own hands. By engaging in 1:1 coaching, you have complete control of the direction of your own future. Set your own pace and frequency, be it a one-off session or a regular meeting. Engaging in coaching makes space for conversations focused only on you.

Price: £45/h



Supporting those supporting others.

Whether you are new to leadership or more experienced, having an outsider to use as a sounding board can be invaluable. Carefully considered coaching conversations can help to bring clarity to situations, strengthen your resolve, and help you to understand yourself better as a leader.

Price: £75/h



Just-In-Time coaching model - only pay for the coaching you need.

Coaching is powerful. I know this, and I think you know this, too. But you are worried about investing. The Just-In-Time model is perfectly suited to this predicament. We will work as your 'school coach' and set a cap on spending. You only pay for the coaching used and retain complete control of the cost. Sessions are confidential, with the opportunity to be completely teacher-led.



For more information on your coaching options, pricing models, and starting the coaching journey, get in touch.


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