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What Would Happen if Every Conversation in School Was a High-Quality Conversation?

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We believe that every conversation matters - none more so than the conversations we have in our educational establishments. We want to ensure every educator is equipped with the necessary tools to have high-quality conversations with themselves, their colleagues and the children in their care.

Our Every Conversation programme enables just that.

Consisting of three packages - foundation, intermediate and advanced -  each school will pick a personalised programme most suitable to them and their staff. The advanced programme has the benefit of full coaching accreditation for participants.

The Every Conversation programme coincides with the three school terms, with cohorts starting in September, January and April. During the programme, participants will exclusively follow The Help Method, with the support of our knowledgeable team. You will experience, learn and practise the art and science of coaching, enabling you to not only reach your full potential, but HELP others do the same.

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