What would happen if every conversation in school was a better quality conversation?

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The benefits of coaching have far-reaching effects, and here at The Educational Coach, we want to set you on your journey as you invest in your school and staff in a forward-thinking way.

Self-development is important both personally and professionally, and taking the time to look inwards allows for focus and progression, and, ultimately, success.

Coaching is the ideal technique to find clarity and awareness of our future goals. And whilst many of us may think we have an understanding of coaching, there are often misconceptions of the process and the idea itself.

Working with qualified and experienced coaches will ensure you and your school reach your full potential, and The Educational Coach is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our coaching model here at The Educational Coach is one that not only allows you and your staff the opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching for yourselves, but a process by which you can learn invaluable coaching techniques to allow you to embed a coaching culture of your own.

We guide and support you to implement and maintain effective and beneficial coaching structures.


Providing you with the tools and knowledge to practise coaching conversations within your own school environment, The Educational Coach is here to HELP you achieve your coaching goals.

So let's look a little closer at coaching The Educational Coach way, with The HELP Coaching Method: a course provided by accredited coaches - as part of our 'Every Conversation' Programme - that will equip you with the knowledge to hookexperience, learn and practise.

The HELP Coaching Method

Part of the 'Every Conversation' Programme

Coaching preparation

Term 1:

4 x 1:1 sessions with an experienced coach

Term 2:

A coach training session(s) covering the fundamentals through to advanced  coaching

Term 3:

2 x facilitated coaching practice sessions, in triads, supported by an experienced coach

Ensuring your readiness for coaching is perhaps the most crucial step in your journey to embedding a coaching culture in your school. To truly embrace the benefits coaching has to offer, we want you and your school to look deeper into the ideas and models of coaching.

Explore your untapped potential and experience the benefits of coaching for yourself. Tailor-made to you and your goals, our accredited coaches will help you reap the rewards through carefully guided 1:1 and group sessions.

Build on your experience of coaching with a look at the theory behind the practice. Learn the fundamental principles of what it takes to engage in effective and fruitful coaching conversations.

We will guide and support you as you put into practise the skills you have learnt. Facilitated coaching practice sessions assisted by accredited coaches ensure a solid foundation to carry you forward to begin coaching conversations in your school.


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4 x 1:1 sessions per participant

1 x round-up session per coaching cohort (optional)

1 x full day or 2 x half-day coach training sessions - forming the foundation level of training

2 x facilitated practice sessions per participant

1 x round-up session per coaching cohort (optional)

Get in touch to discuss embedding a coaching culture in your school with The 'Every Conversation' Programme.


Investment can take many forms, besides the obvious monetary value. These are worth considering when looking at your own investment in coaching. As with anything of importance, you get out what you put in. We want you to see your return on investment and factors you need to consider include:

  • Investment of time

  • Investment of resources

  • Investment of money

Return on investment is often looked at as the yardstick on which to measure the value of a product. But we ask you to consider an alternative to the ROI: risk of inaction. What are the potential pitfalls of not engaging with coaching?  This can give a very real response to the value of coaching, particularly in an educational setting.


The evidence shows that teachers and educators who are involved with coaching have high levels of wellbeing, job engagement and investment in their own career.

This programme, without a doubt, will be an investment of time.

We expect participants to engage fully in the programme and to seek to invest a minimum of 10-12 hrs per term of direct contact with our coaches through 1:1 sessions, training or practice. In addition, we would encourage participants to spend time reflecting, reading and engaging with our professional learning network comprising other schools on the programme. This will further enrich your experience and help with the embedment of coaching within the school.

The cost of the programme is variable dependant on numbers, and we are happy to work out precise costings when you have ascertained the details.

To allow for rough costings, the figures below will act as a guide:

1:1 sessions - £75
Training day - £300/half day £600/full day

Practice sessions - £45

All 1:1 and practice sessions are held virtually, allowing us to deliver a cost-effective and convenient service.
Training days, however can be held online or in-person. These are delivered to each school individually. Therefore on-site delivery will be subject to an additional charge.

The skills you and your staff will learn will allow you, simply, to have better conversations. So you, too, can discover what can happen when every conversation in school is a better quality conversation.








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