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Can Coaching in Education Impact Teacher Retention?

Teacher retention remains a highly topical issue. But have you considered coaching to help combat the talent exodus?


These shocking statistics are the result of a survey carried out by the National Education Union who surveyed 1788 of their members.

As a school leader, you know only too well the importance of teacher retention in the success of your school. Not only does high teacher turnover create disruption and challenges for your students and staff, but it also takes a toll on your budget, with a financial implication to the constant rotation of hiring and onboarding of new teachers to your school.

So how can you support your teachers and encourage them to stay in their roles?

A powerful strategy when used in issues surrounding stress, coaching offers an individualised and whole-school approach to help bring balance to the well-being of your staff. Coaching is a supportive and collaborative process, helping teachers to grow and develop in their careers. One-to-one mentoring, group professional development sessions and peer coaching can be implemented to include all educational staff within the school.

Providing teachers with ongoing support and guidance, coaching provides the tools to help staff feel more connected to the profession and more motivated to stay in their roles. Coaching builds teachers' skills and confidence which can lead to increased job satisfaction and a greater sense of accomplishment.

But the benefits of coaching go beyond teacher retention. A collection of papers examining 'the role of mentoring and coaching as a means of supporting the well-being of educators and students' found the development of a coaching mindset may increase the well-being of educators. Building positive relationships within their school - developed through training to establish a coaching mindset - may contribute to the personal and professional well-being of teachers.

Establishing a coaching mindset amongst staff not only creates the significant benefits from coaching itself, but it can work to develop a supportive environment within the school. A positive culture of learning and growth can follow, leading to active engagement in personal development and a strong sense of community. When teachers feel supported and empowered, they are more likely to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their roles, leading to improvement in mental health and overall well-being.

As a school leader, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on teacher retention and well-being through coaching. By investing in your teachers and supporting their growth, you can create a stronger, more resilient school community.

To find out more about The Educational Coach and coaching in your school, get in touch. Let’s get your journey into coaching started.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 23, 2023

Coaching is helping someone achieve their goal through the development of what they already know and and may not be so good at and then strengthening this by focusing on what they excel in and undertaking CPD in their weaker areas

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