The Results Are In and Coaching Works!

I love discussing the benefits of coaching and the impacts felt by clients both personally and professionally. And you're likely to have heard first-hand experiences from those eager to sing the praises of their exciting developments, improvements in confidence, and career progressions, all in response to coaching.

Well, if you haven’t been listening, now is the time to take note, because the data backs it up! Recent meta-analysis conducted using data from 60 studies shows the real-world impact of coaching in education and the resulting improvements in student achievement. Coaching programmes provided a positive impact on student performance, exceeding more familiar strategies including merit-based pay and extended learning time for students. It’s clear from this study that coaching has far-reaching effects that extend beyond the coaching programme itself and into the classroom. The benefits are seen in the learning and achievement of students, with impacts also felt amongst the parents of pupils. Coaching is powerful stuff!

I can also announce the results of our very own survey, looking at the experiences of those coached by us here at The Educational Coach.

Of those surveyed, 100% found the experience of coaching valuable, with an improvement in personal growth, professional development, or both. Of those in a leadership role, 92.9% found coaching had improved their ability to lead. Coaching specifically tailored to leadership is a perfect option for teachers looking to strengthen their leadership style. Focusing on conversations around key points specific to those in leadership roles, our Coaching for Leadership programme is designed for those new to the demands of the role, as well as more experienced leaders, providing the tools needed to successfully face the challenges of leadership.

A key focus of coaching is developing a clear understanding of those areas important to you. Using a strengths-based coaching approach, 56.3% gained clarity in their strengths, whilst 25% improved their insight into difficult conversations. 12.5% acquired better understanding of leadership styles and 6.3% improved their perceptions of relationships with colleagues. After a recent coaching session with The Educational Coach, a teacher spoke highly of the experience and the clarity she had gained. “Julie helps you see through the muddy waters and helps you to clear the way”, whilst another described coaching as a “fantastic experience. I would recommend her, regardless of your level of experience in education. A wonderful coach!”

Here at The Educational Coach, we offer coaching programmes suitable for all, and we’d love to hear from you to discuss the perfect coaching plan for you. Contact us today to find out more. Let’s get your journey into coaching started and set you on the path to your full potential.

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