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Coaching: The Educational Coach Way

The Coaching Method You Need In Your School


Never underestimate the power of educational coaching. From ECTs to executive heads, TAs to heads of year, the transformative and eye-opening effects of coaching can be felt far and wide - and it doesn't stop there. The ripple effect running through the school produces positive change for staff and students alike.

But an important factor in the rollout of a coaching culture - and most importantly, an effective coaching culture - is the solid foundation on which the principles of coaching are built.

The readiness of the schooling staff is often assumed by the mere decision to implement change. But the intricacies surrounding the term ‘coaching culture’ - and the elements needed to introduce this to a school - are all too often overlooked.

Guiding staff to learn the theory behind the practice, alongside supporting schools to embed a coaching culture of their own, allows for a complete understanding of coaching structures and the techniques involved.

You see, as an advocate for all things coaching, I can’t stress enough the importance of doing things right. This is why, at The Educational Coach, we have our very own coaching model designed to include all these important elements. And we’re here to HELP you every step of the way.

Our four step process includes all the stages you need to coach the right way - The Educational Coach way.

Hook your staff into the concept of coaching

This all comes back to the often overlooked idea of preparedness. To do things right, your school has to be ready. We offer focus groups, surveys, talks and course outlines to provide the opportunity for open discussions on how to make the next move.

Experience coaching

This step is pretty self-explanatory, but the experience of coaching can be easily bypassed when impatient to embed a coaching culture of your own. In order to truly understand how and why coaching processes are the way they are, you must first experience it for yourself.

Learn to coach

Diving deeper into the methods of coaching allows you to build upon your own experiences to help you implement your end goal. The HELP Method is designed to teach you exactly how you can have effective coaching conversations of your own.

Practice makes perfect

To ensure you are putting all you have learnt to good use, we finish the programme with facilitated practice sessions with accredited coaches. We will guide you to use your new coaching skills to enable you to continue, on your own, to implement positive change for years to come.

The HELP Method embodies the ethos that coaching is multi-layered, with the need for a true understanding of its processes to ensure its effective use and, in turn, provide real results. The method provides you with the expert knowledge to HELP you and your staff achieve thought-provoking and beneficial coaching conversations, now and in the future.

Listen to Julie discussing the benefits of coaching and The HELP Method on the podcast Emma and Tom Talk Teaching.

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