How to hook, experience, learn and practise the power of coaching

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Our coaching model here at The Educational Coach is one that not only allows you and your staff the opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching for yourselves, but a process by which you can learn invaluable coaching techniques to allow you to embed a coaching culture of your own.

We guide and support you to implement and maintain effective and beneficial coaching structures.


Providing you with the tools and knowledge to practise coaching conversations within your own school environment, The Educational Coach is here to HELP you achieve your coaching goals.

So let's look a little closer at coaching The Educational Coach way, with The HELP Coaching Method: a course provided by accredited coaches that will equip you with the knowledge to hookexperience, learn and practise.



The HELP Coaching Method provides the coaching knowledge to:

You can participate in any of these stages individually, but in order to fully understand and effectively implement coaching conversations within your school environment, we recommend the completion of all four steps.

Programmes are bespoke to meet your personal needs. From 1-day courses to 3-month programmes, the depth at which you wish to explore coaching and its principles is up to you.

To learn more about the four steps, click on the stages above.

The HELP Coaching Method

1-day programme (Indicative model)

Coaching preparation

1:1 session with an experienced coach

A 2hr coach training session covering the basics of coaching

1 facilitated coaching practice session, in triads, supported by an experienced coach

The 1-day HELP Coaching Method programme offers a basic introduction to the world of coaching. Carried out over one full day or split into two half days, this is a great entry-level option to introduce coaching to your whole school through INSET, with the option to continue learning  and advance to a longer programme at a future date.

The HELP Coaching Method

1-term programme (Indicative model)

Coaching preparation

4 x 1 hour 1:1 sessions with an experienced coach over a 2-week period

A 2-day coach training programme

4 facilitated coaching practice sessions, in triads, supported by an experienced coach

The 1-term HELP Coaching Method programme looks more deeply into the coaching techniques and processes required to ensure effective conversations are implemented in future practices. Experiencing coaching at a more in-depth level allows you to gain real insight into your work ethic and goals, using strengths-based coaching methods designed to identify your areas of expertise. Set over the course of a term, The HELP Coaching Method programme helps equip you and your staff to better understand the benefits of coaching, as well as fuel the knowledge for better implementation of a coaching culture.

The HELP Coaching Method

1-academic year programme (Indicative model)

Coaching preparation

Fortnightly 1:1 sessions with an experienced coach

A 6-day coach training programme

9 facilitated coaching practice sessions, in triads, supported by an experienced coach

The 1-academic year HELP Coaching Method programme provides a thorough exploration of the practices required for the successful implementation of a coaching culture within your school. With a chance for an extensive first-hand experience of what coaching has to offer, this one-year programme offers an advanced insight into coaching, from the fundamental principles to in-depth knowledge of skills and techniques used in the coaching process. The Educational Coach provides you with the solid grounding on which to build valuable and effective coaching conversations in your own school.


Due to the bespoke nature of our courses, how you choose to participate in The HELP Coaching Method will determine the price of the programme. The examples above provide guidance for how you may wish to undertake coaching with The Educational Coach. But we tailor the model to your exact needs in order for you to gain maximum benefit from the four stages of The HELP Coaching Method.


Do you want to experience coaching for 2 months but only learn the basics of the techniques? You got it. How about a couple of coaching sessions with an accredited coach followed by an in-depth 6-day coaching programme to really look into the principles of the process and the coaching models used? We've got you covered.

With this in mind, our pricing is calculated according to your requirements, including the depth at which you explore each stage and the number of participants. As a guide, our pricing structure looks like this:

Talk, focus group or survey


1 hour

1:1 session


Half day £300

Full day £600

1 hour

group session


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