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Throwing Out the Rule Book

Coaching is not just for leaders; it's for everyone.


An interesting new aspect of my role as a coach has been the realisation of the need to dispel myths. There is misunderstanding surrounding the ideas of coaching and the processes involved. The cost of coaching and its ultimate value can often be called into question. But the biggest misconception is that coaching is purely for developing leaders, an idea that coaching is solely for the top level, senior execs and is not a thing for those not employed in high-powered positions. Well, let me tell you, that’s just not true! In fact, I would argue, in some instances, coaching can be more beneficial to those not in leadership roles.

ECTs, teaching assistants, class teachers: these are the roles where the impact of coaching can be huge. Starting out in education can present challenges that have never been faced before. Discovering ways to not only tackle these difficulties but to thrive in doing so is just one of the ways coaching is hugely beneficial. Clients who have more experience in the profession can find solutions and proactive resolutions, viewing scenarios with a refreshed perspective and renewed clarity, all developed through coaching.

How do I know all this? Because this is what I do.

I see every day the positive changes and improvements of clients in all educational roles due to the power of coaching. Here at The Educational Coach, we offer programmes that are suitable for all and prove their worth. Don’t get me wrong, coaching works for leaders, too, and it works well. But if you’re thinking about coaching and have that niggle that says, ‘it’s not for me’, ‘I’m not in the right job role to require coaching’, think again! Coaching is for you.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to be coached.

That’s the only requirement.

Get in touch to discuss coaching for you.


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