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Newsflash: Conference Success

The Educational Coach pleases crowds from Bournemouth to Oxford.


Wow! September has been a busy month for The Educational Coach! With the attendance of two large conferences in Bournemouth and Oxford, it has also been an exciting one.

We are always so pleased to speak to engaged and interested crowds about coaching in schools, and it was a pleasure to be met with a warm reception, oversubscribed seminars, and an abundance of rich conversation around how to embed a coaching culture in schools.

But what struck us most about the audiences at the IAPS and the PSB conferences was the enthusiastic level of engagement of school leaders in this subject. Not only this but the knowledge that now, more than ever, coaching is the way forward for developing our teachers both personally and professionally.

We had a wide range of conversations about the application of coaching in schools, from its use within peer observation and performance management to the powerful benefits of differentiated and personal continuous professional development.

But how wonderful to see people in person again, to be able to decompress with each other following the year that has just passed. Many, many informal coaching conversations occurred over dinner in the halls and spontaneously over coffee in the conference centre.

We have already had great interest from the attendees of the conferences who are looking to carve the way for a culture of change within their schools. It was agreed by many that coaching should not be a tool reserved purely for the leaders.

So, the takeaway from this month is clear: if you are truly passionate about your aim of rolling out a coaching culture successfully, it needs time to embed - with the whole school on board.

Contact The Educational Coach to find out how we can HELP you embed a coaching culture of your own.

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