The Educational Coach Team Just Got Bigger and Better!

Once again, I am delighted to announce the expansion of the team at The Educational Coach!

Curating a group of associate coaches and core staff that shares my passion for coaching, education and professionalism, has always been at the top of the list of priorities. It is an enthusiasm rivalled perhaps only by my drive for coaching itself!

Here at The Educational Coach, we pride ourselves on excellence. And the team we have here is one I am very proud of. Accredited coaches, each with expertise and talent, are here to deliver exceptional coaching and unwavering support.

Let’s meet the team!

Lindsay Cunningham has over twenty-five years of teaching experience, of which ten were spent in leadership roles. She shares my belief in the transformational capabilities of coaching and is devoted to bringing beneficial change to clients through creative thinking.

Camilla Whitney-Thomas is a qualified NLP practitioner and accredited coach. With a wealth of experience in education and leadership positions, Camilla is well-versed in the inner workings of schools. Never one to avoid a challenge, her coaching style is well suited to the needs of educational staff.

Nic Taylor has progressed from teacher to Head to Executive Principal over the course of her career. With teacher development expertise and management know-how, Nic provides great working knowledge to her coaching style.

Jonathan Carroll is also not shy of educational experience, having worked for thirty-six years in the sector. A current ISI Team Inspector and Director of Education at PSB, Jonathan creates strong and positive relationships, ensuring his knowledge and real-world experience translate to his coaching role.

Kelly Kane is our associate coach in training. Kelly has a wealth of educational experience, including ten years in the private sector. Her passion for pastoral care has led her to coaching, and she is excited to amalgamate her expertise and compassion for her role at The Educational Coach.

Our core team at The Educational Coach has also grown, ensuring the internal support of our coaches, as well as the smooth running of the day-to-day operations.

With her bubbly persona and natural ability to encourage creativity, Buffy Godolphin is our People Person. Ensuring incomparable strength within the team, as well as building and maintaining positive relationships amongst our schools and coachees, Buffy’s role is a vital one.

Julia Knight-Bennett is our Head of Details. She is the admin queen and gets stuff done! As a teacher of nearly 20 years, Julia knows the intricacies of the academic world and keeps The Educational Coach running like clockwork.

Laura Keyes is our writer on the team. She is a freelance content writer and currently writes for a women’s health platform, alongside her content for The Educational Coach. Laura’s work includes website copy and social media content.

To find out more about the team here at The Educational Coach, check out our Meet The Team page.

We all believe so strongly in the transformative power of coaching, and we're here to get you started on your coaching journey. Get in touch to find out how.

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