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6 Reasons Not to Work with Me

"Nothing worth having comes easy."


Wise words from Theodore Roosevelt and a sentiment I echo wholeheartedly. That’s not to say I like to make life unnecessarily difficult, but when it comes to coaching and the process of change, being a little uncomfortable is a good thing.

But I warn you now: I'm not for everyone. And this is a heads-up of the 6 reasons why.

1. I’m a problem finder

Schools come to me with a strategy in mind. Making plans for the future on a large scale involves vision, energy, and forward-thinking, with an idea of the challenges ahead. But I am a problem finder. Sure, those issues you are dealing with? I can help with those. But in order to create a satisfactory solution, I need to understand the bigger picture, and that can uncover issues that are not in your strategic plan. That’s a pain.

2. I get under your skin

Not just you, but your staff, your school, and the organisation as a whole. I have a knack for doing it, and in recent months have even managed to do it effectively remotely without setting foot in schools - I’m that good.

I get to understand what makes you all tick (fine) and which problems are present (a little less fine). I then tell you, the leaders of the school, what I have found and my suggestions for change (uncomfortable).

All in all, it’s fairly inconvenient.

3. I support you

Now, I know what you must be thinking. This sounds like a reason to work with me. But as a school leader, you are unaccustomed to having someone you can turn to. You are a lone ranger, an island, and the buck stops with you. But I am there for you as a critical friend, someone with whom you can have an honest and open conversation. This is going to take you out of your comfort zone. Way out. And I warn you: it’s unnerving, uncomfortable, and I heavily advise against it. Unless, of course, you're ready to be taken out of your comfort zone...

4. It's like playing a game of snakes and ladders… and you're losing

Just when you think you are getting ahead and making progress, you are sure to stumble across a proverbial 'snake' I have laid in your path. Coaching is about ups and downs whilst driving forward regardless. It’s about the bigger picture and the determination to push through. Those snakes can feel irksome, but they make the win all the much sweeter.

5. I am not what I seem

When people meet me, they enjoy the ‘froth,' as I like to call it. I'm bubbly, amiable, and seemingly all sweetness and light. And quite frankly, I am a hoot to be around. The problem comes once we get down to business. And I do mean business. I’m determined, driven, and serious in my approach. This is deception on a large scale. No one likes to feel duped; I would steer clear.

6. I shall forever harp on about the benefits of coaching

With my regular blog posts and social media presence, I aim to provide informative and entertaining content. But behind the amusement of Instagram reels and the professionalism of my website lies a carefully orchestrated plan: to share my passion for coaching and ensure the benefits of a coaching culture are clear for all to see. You just can’t get away from it; I won't let you. My passion runs deep, and so too does the deception.

So if all this is too much, I would do yourself a favour and skip it. Contacting The Educational Coach to improve your life both professionally and personally is all just too much of a faff.

Who wants to be the best version of themselves anyway?

Oh, you do?

Then what are you waiting for?

To find out more about the coaching services available at The Educational Coach, get in touch.

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