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Welcome to The Educational Coach, your destination for top-tier coaching and services designed specifically for teachers. With a strong commitment to excellence, we deliver high-quality support to education establishments throughout the UK and beyond.

Creating outstanding schools through better conversations.

Ignite Growth

"Coaching has immediate results and its impact is widespread—it creates a ripple effect that permeates your entire school community. By embracing coaching, you demonstrate your commitment to the development and success of your school in a visionary and progressive way."

Our team of experienced coaches is dedicated to helping you harness the transformative power of coaching to its fullest extent. We'll collaborate closely with you to design a tailored programme that aligns with your school's unique goals, values, and aspirations. Whether you're seeking to enhance leadership capabilities, foster teamwork, nurture professional growth, or tackle specific challenges, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Welcome to
The Educational

Our founder

Driven by her wealth of experience and coaching accreditation, Julie Keyes established The Educational Coach in 2021. She meticulously handpicked a team of exceptional coaches and educators, and introduced The HELP Method, a transformative model she personally designed and implemented in schools worldwide.

Pipped as a 'Woman to Watch' in Education, Julie is a member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF), The Association for Coaching, a DiversEd coach, part of the 'Ladies Who LaunchED' group and an associate consultant for IAPS and Evaluate-Ed.

She is a regular keynote and conference speaker.

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Revolutionising Your School with a Coaching Culture

Participants of our Every Conversation Programme have reported the following impacts on their practise:


An increased level of role engagement.


The development of a deeper level of learning.

Greater personal awareness.


Invaluable tools to restablish and act towards goals.


A safe place to gain perspective.


External support for the educational sector.

How do you embed a coaching culture in your school?
(We have the formula)

The HELP Method:
The Educational Coach Way

At The Educational Coach, we are proud to introduce you to our transformative coaching model known as The HELP Method. This unique approach not only offers you and your staff the opportunity to experience the remarkable benefits of coaching firsthand but also equips you with invaluable techniques to foster a coaching culture within your school.

With The HELP Method, our accredited coaches will serve as your trusted guides, providing guidance and support as you implement and maintain effective coaching structures. You will gain the essential tools and knowledge to engage in impactful coaching conversations within your own school environment.

Unleashing Potential, Empowering Education

By investing in coaching with The Educational Coach, you'll empower your staff to unlock their full potential, cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, and propel your school towards long-term success.


Together, we'll ignite growth, inspire innovation, and elevate the achievements of your school community.

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