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[hʊk] verb

attract and hold the attention of; captivate

Ensuring your readiness for coaching is perhaps the most crucial step in your journey to embedding a coaching culture in your school.


In the first stage of The HELP Coaching Method, we'll be asking the all-important question - are you ready for coaching?


To truly embrace the benefits coaching has to offer, we want you and your school to look deeper into the ideas and models of coaching. Understanding the importance of preparation and preparedness in the implementation of coaching within your school is all part of the exciting coaching journey.

Coaching can often be a new concept to staff; an idea they may be familiar with, but not necessarily in terms of a school environment. To hook those members in to coaching, and all the benefits it has to offer, creating the right conditions within your school is the crucial first step. 


Establishing the setting needed for staff to participate in coaching practices ensures the rollout of The HELP Coaching Method - and, in turn, a successful set-up of coaching conversations - provides the impact you and your school are looking for.


We're here to HELP you and your school prepare for coaching.


Virtually or in person, our accredited coaches are here to talk you and your staff through the coaching process. This first step lays the foundations to enable the best outcomes from The HELP Coaching Method, with a look at how you can prepare for a successful rollout of a coaching culture in your school.

1-hour talk

Price: £100


Via the completion of a survey, we are able to assess where you and your school are at, in relation to your coaching needs. This is an excellent way to provide a detailed response to us here at The Educational Coach, painting an accurate picture of the current situation and possible areas where adjustments can be made.


The creation of a report in response to the answers provided allows for a tailor-made programme to meet your current status.

Price: £100


An interactive way to prepare for coaching in your school, focus groups provide an environment for open discussion surrounding preparedness for coaching and The HELP Coaching Method. With a maximum of 6 members of staff to one accredited coach, conversations are kept relevant and proactive, ensuring maximum impact for each participant.

1-hour focus group

Price: £100


Offering the perfect opportunity to learn how to prepare for coaching conversations, participation in focus groups and talks can be the best option for those still assessing their current environment. But those familiar with the world of coaching and its potential for impact will already be confident in rolling out a coaching culture. And if that's the case, signing up to The HELP Coaching Method is your next step.

The provision of course materials for this first stage of The HELP Coaching Method will be available to you and your staff to absorb in-house. We strongly believe in the hook stage and its approach to preparedness for the entire teaching and non-teaching staff.

Materials will include information on what coaching is, and the essential steps to preparing your school for a coaching culture.

Price: FREE to those signing up to The HELP Coaching Method


For more information on your coaching options, pricing models, and starting the coaching journey, get in touch.


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