Supporting teachers and school leaders in gaining clarity, reaching their potential, and having a better understanding of themselves.

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Here at The Educational Coach, we offer a unique coaching model. One that not only allows you and your staff the opportunity to experience coaching for yourselves, but a process by which you can continue your learning to allow you to embed a coaching culture of your own. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to provide the expertise for you to create coaching conversations within your own school environment; a 'teach a man to fish' philosophy, if you will.

So let's look a little closer at coaching The Educational Coach way, with The AMP Method: an accredited course  providing you with the knowledge to Absorb, Master, and Practice the skill of coaching.



The AMP Method refers to a 3-step process:

  • Absorb

  • Master

  • Practice

You can participate in any of these stages individually, but in order to receive accreditation from The Educational Coach, all three steps must be completed.




Julie is an outstanding coach with expert insight.

Director of teaching and learning


Just-in-time coaching model - only pay for the coaching you need.

Coaching is powerful. I know this and I think you know this, too. But you are worried about investing. The just-in-time model is perfectly suited to this predicament. We will work as your 'school coach' and set a cap on spending. You only pay for the coaching used and retain complete control of the cost. Sessions are confidential and an opportunity to be completely teacher-led.



Supporting those supporting others.

Whether you are new to leadership or more experienced, having an outsider to use as a sounding board can be invaluable. Carefully considered coaching conversations can help to bring clarity to situations, strengthen your resolve, and help understand yourself better as a leader.



Get in touch to discuss which programme would be most suitable for your needs, details of the full outline, and the next starting date.

Coaching for leadership

Do you understand your leadership style? What does it mean to be a good leader? How do you successfully manage the challenges and pressures of leadership?


Coaching for productivity



How can we work to be our most productive selves without risking burnout? How do we know when we are working at our optimum? Striking the right balance for productivity can be tough, particularly for those working in the 'engine room' of schools.


Coaching for growth

Have you made a move into a position of more responsibility? Does this represent a time of personal and professional growth for you? How do you navigate this new time and understand the direction of that growth?


Coaching for resilience

Working in schools can be challenging. Let's work to uncover what it means to be resilient and how we can clearly define our goals to feel confident in achieving forward momentum.


Coaching for change



Change is inevitable and constant. When we decide a change of direction is needed, we must have clarity of focus and an understanding of our motivations.


Programme format


Each course is 6 weeks in length - designed to fit into a half term. The equally powerful formats of 1:1 and group coaching are the bedrock of each of these courses, giving attendees opportunities for personal reflection as well as group dialogue.



Creating a coaching culture.

Coaching can be something that is used across your organisation. If actioned thoughtfully and in a considered manner you can transform behaviour, attitudes, and dialogue in the walls of your school.

I can curate training to suit your setting and train staff to have coaching conversations.



Pursuing personal excellence.

Perhaps you would like to take your professional and personal development into your own hands. By engaging in 1:1 coaching you have complete control of the direction of your own future. Set your own pace and frequency, be it one-off or regularly. Engaging in coaching makes space for conversations focused only on you.



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